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Beth is a singer, songwriter, musician and music producer living in the wilds of Scotland. Her music is an amalgamation of varying styles, but, you could see it as having two faces. With the likes of alternative dark brooding music on the one side, and then explorative folksy alternative music on the other. All with that sprinkling of magic songwriter gold dust.


Growing up she listened to the likes of Alanis Morrisette, No Doubt, The Cranberries, Garbage, Skunk Anansie, zero 7 and many others and still enjoys listening to some of these 'good old days' creatives now.


Beth wears her heart and her attitude in her music. It is how she communicates her thoughts feelings and emotions in the most eloquent way she can. She believes for standing up for the marginalised and those who feel like outsiders and bring light into those dark places. She shares anger, frustration, challenging subjects and escapism beautifully. Beth is multi talented and writes, she says "almost constantly at times”. Her ability to capture a mood or a feeling into a song which delves you into her vulnerability is quite extraordinary. She has her roots in alternative and indie rock/pop, and folk music, and likes to dip her fingers into other musical pies including dance, electronic, Americana, LoFi and more. Beth believes in spreading hope, questioning the status quo and loves how music gets to the heart and mind unlike anything else she has experienced. ​

Beth works from her studio and has just finished her masters degree in music and is beginning a PhD, all while working on writing and recording more music. 

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