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Good Little Girl Cover.jpg
Good Little Girl is the first release if 2022 as a double release alongside Good is Gone.
It is a song shouting about gender stereotyping and injustice 
shared with tenacious vitriol.

Be a good little girl

Sit with your hands in a basket

Do what your told

Otherwise someone will force it

Don't open your mouth

Until the cats got your tongue

And you've hardened your teeth

With the barrel of a gun


Don't speak out of turn

Stand up now sit down

Walk along the thin line

Watch your feet on the ground

Don't fight your own corner

Or anyone else’s

Cos no one likes a girl

Who knows where to exit


Well I'm just not that type

Maybe I've been her before

But I'm not going to take 

That crap anymore

There's only so many buttons

You can press on this

Until her head goes bang

And she need to scratch that itch


Come on, Come on

Come on, Your backs not against the wall

Come on, Come on

Come on


Wake up

Take the power back

Get out

You can fight that

Why be the mouse

When you can be the wolf

Be top dog in the pack

Hiding is for fools

Trick yourself into believing 

You'll win that war

If you stay nice and quiet 

Face down on the floor

There's a right and wrong

But where's the line

And why does retaliation

End up with victims doing time

Bitterness and rage

You can let go of it all

Cos your backs not against the wall


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